John E. Slater


Specialized Professional Competence
Materials selection, failure analysis, and failure prevention in petroleum,
petrochemical, chemical, food, utility, transportation, and construction industries.


Metallurgical, glass, ceramic, and plastic failure analysis and fractography.


Corrosion analysis, prevention, and control, including environmentally affected mechanical behavior.

Background and Professional Honors
B.A. (Natural Sciences-Metallurgy), Downing College, Cambridge University, Honors (1966)
M.A. Cambridge University (1970)
Ph.D. Cambridge University, Department of Metallurgy (1970)
Principal, Invetech, Inc. (October 1985-Present)
Principal and Houston Office Director, Failure Analysis Associates (July 1983-October 1985) Vice
President, Packer Engineering Associates, Inc. (February 1976-February 1982)
Associate Manager, Corrosion Section, Battelle Columbus Laboratories (September 1973- January 1976)
University Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, The Ohio State Uni-
versity (January 1971-September 1973)
Member, National Association of Corrosion Engineers
Member, American Society for Metals
Member, The Mineral, Metals and Materials Society Member, American Society for Testing & Materials
Member, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (U.K.) Member, Sigma Xi (National Honorary
Research Society) Chartered Engineer (U.K., 330896)
Licensed Professional Engineer (Texas, 97156)


Selected Publications and Invited Lectures
“Laboratory Study of the Corrosion of Steel Studs and Screws Used in Masonry Walls”,
Masonry: Design and Construction, Problems and Repair, ASTM, STP 1180, Philadel- phia, Pennsylvania
(1993) (with Robert J. Kudder).

“Corrosion Protection Considerations for Metal Studs and Masonry Accessories in Coastal
Environments”, presented at Fifth North American Masonry Conference (June 1990),
Urbana, Illinois (with W.G. Hime and C.B. Monk, Jr.).


“Materials Considerations for Cladding Support in High-Rise Structures”, presented at Exterior
Claddings on High-Rise Buildings Symposium (November 1989), Chicago, Illinois.

“Tools and Techniques for Failure Analyses”, presented at Petro-Safe ’89 International Exhi- bition
and Conference (October 1989), Houston, Texas.

“Corrosion in Structures”, Metals Handbook, Vol. 13C, Corrosion: Environments and Industries, ASM
International, pp. 1054-1062 (2006).

Corrosion of Metals in Association with Concrete, ASTM, STP 818, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1983).

“An Approach to Reliability Analysis of Cracked Continuous Digesters”, Paper #92, NACE, Corrosion
’82 (with E.M. Caulfield and C.R. Morin).

“Corrosion Related Failures in Power Boilers”, In Proceedings International Conference on Corrosion
in the Pulp and Paper Industry, Atlanta, 1980, published by NACE, Houston, Texas (1982) (with C.R.

“Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete: Magnitude of the Problem”, Materials Performance, Vol.
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Fatigue Technology, ASTM #642, pp. 19-47 (1978) (with C.E. Jaske, D. Broek, and W.
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