About Us

Invetech maintains a comprehensive in-house technical library, together with access to on-line search and document retrieval capabilities. Our membership in technical societies and standards-developing organizations facilitates such information retrieval.

Our laboratory is equipped with standard equipment for failure analysis and component evaluation. This includes:
  • Fully digital still and video cameras
  • Stereo microscopes with digital cameras
  • Metallographic preparation equipment and metallographic microscopes equipped with digital cameras
  • Macro- and micro-hardness testing machines
  • An AMRAY scanning electron microscope equipped with light element Energy Dispersive X-ray Analyzer
  • Bruker FTIR micro-spectrometer with ATR attachment
  • Dimensional analysis tools
  • Instrumentation for electrical, load, pressure and torque measurements
  • Gas sampling and flow rate equipment

We also maintain in-house dye penetrant and magnetic particle (dry and wet fluorescent) non-destructive testing capabilities, as well as ultrasonic thickness gauging. Other non-destructive techniques are readily available through arrangements with local certified firms.

Routine mechanical and chemical analyses are undertaken through arrangements with local certified firms. As required, Invetech builds and operates apparatus for non-routine testing, or contracts with local firms which specialize in such activities. The choice depends on requirements, timing and client preferences.

Facilities & Capabilities