Professional Staff

The principals and consultants at Invetech have over 50 years combined experience in the areas of engineering evaluations and failure analysis. As these activities frequently require the use of a “team” approach to problem solving, Invetech integrates associates from various disciplines together with its in-house capabilities to ensure that the appropriate resources are assembled to address the problem at hand. In-house team members include:

John E. Slater


M.A., Ph.D. (Metallurgy), Cambridge University; P.E. (Texas), C.Eng. (U.K.)



Materials selection, failure analysis, and failure prevention in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, food, utility, transportation, and construction industries. Metallurgical, glass, ceramic, and plastic failure analysis and fractography. Corrosion analysis, prevention, and control, including environmentally affected mechanical behavior.

Zhongyuan Qian

Materials Consultant

Ph.D., P.E.




Licensed P.E. (Metallurgy) in Texas. Expertise in metallurgy, corrosion, materials development, characterization and modeling. Extensive experience of failure analysis, materials mechanical behaviors, materials selection, and fitness for service analysis.

Donald R. Hayes

Independent Consultant

Ph.D., P.E.




Failure analysis and failure prevention in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, utility, trans-portation, and construction industries. Broad expertise in mechanical engineering, fire and explosion investigation, marine accident investigation, accident reconstruction, and failure analysis of hydraulic systems, marine riser analysis, and offshore terminal analysis, design, and inspection.